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Fairfax County Master Arts Plans

ArtsFairfax works with Fairfax County on Master Arts Plans to expand community access to and engagement in arts and culture. The Master Arts Plans provide a blueprint for cultural facilities and for public art throughout the County to reflect its diversity, consider existing facilities, and anticipate future growth. 


The Master Arts Plan for Facilities was accepted by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors on July 11, 2023. The Master Arts Plan for Public Art is underway.

The Facilities Master Plan and the Public Art Master Plan are guided by a mix of County staff leadership and volunteer stakeholders organized to provide the County with thoughtful planning that will result in broader, more equitably accessible arts activities available to all County residents, employees, and visitors.  

Assuring the arts are a vital presence in everyone’s Fairfax County experience is a key goal of the Countywide Strategic Plan and One Fairfax. 

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Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Recognizes the Facilities Master Arts Plan Task Force

Facilities Master Plan Task Force:
John Mason, Chair 2009-10, member thereafter
Joe Ritchey, Interim Chair 2011
Leila Gordon, Chair 2012-23
Linda Sullivan, ArtsFairfax President
Suzanne Bissell

Brian Taylor Goldstein
Russell Hines
Jo Hodgin
Michael Liberman
Brian Marcus
Lisa Mariam
Ricki Marion
Doug Sanderson

Ava Spece
John Thillmann
Caroline Frankil Warren
Kohann Williams
Barbara Wilmer 

Public Art Master Plan Task Force:
Leila Gordon, Chair 
Linda Sullivan, ArtsFairfax President
Sarah Berry
Suzanne Bissell
Jai Cole
Regina Coyle
Anne Fletcher
Deirdre Johnson
Evan Kaufman
Rachel Kizielewicz
Michael Liberman
Lisa Mariam
Ricki Marion
Allison Mui Mitchell
Jenée Padmore
Maggie Parker
Joe Ritchey

Public Art in Fairfax County

The Public Art Locator helps us identify and map public art in Fairfax County. 

ArtsFairfax is conducting an inventory of public art in our community and we need your help! Developing a public art inventory is an essential aspect of cultural planning for Fairfax County. We invite you to both explore public art across the county and help identify public art in Fairfax through this new interactive app. 

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Director of Advocacy & Communications