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ArtsFairfax is working closely with Fairfax County to complete a Master Arts Plan that will expand community access to and engagement in arts and culture. The Master Arts Plan will provide a blueprint for cultural facilities and public art throughout Fairfax County that reflect the county’s diversity, consider existing facilities, and respond to future growth. 


The Master Arts Plan for Facilities is under review. Here is the latest – Master Arts Plan: Facilities. The final report will be released Spring/Summer of 2023.


The Master Arts Plan for Public Art is underway and scheduled for completion in early 2024. 


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Public Art in Fairfax County 

(Coming Soon!) The Public Art Locator will help us identify and map public art in Fairfax County.

ArtsFairfax is conducting an inventory of public art in our community and we need your help! Developing a public art inventory is an essential aspect of cultural planning for Fairfax County. We invite you to both explore public art across the county and help identify public art in Fairfax through this new interactive app.



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Lisa Mariam

Lisa Mariam

Senior Director Of Grants And Services