ARTSFAIRFAX’s wide-ranging grant programs strengthen Fairfax County organizations, support and honor Fairfax artists, cultivate creativity, encourage equitable access to county-wide artistic experiences, and mobilize the arts as tools for ensuring a creative economy. Each year on behalf of Fairfax County, ARTSFAIRFAX awards approximately $500,000 through five grant programs that serve all arts disciplines.

Grant Programs Overview and Timeline

Grant Program Description of grant program workshop date Application deadline Grant Panel Date(s) Announcement
Fast Track Fund one-time special needs ore activities for arts organizations that fall outside the regular cycle or scope of ARTSFAIRFAX grants. Contact Arts Council Grants Staff Rolling N/A Within 30 Days
Operating Support Fund arts organizations’ basic operational needs. January 5, 2018 February 15, 2018 April 17-19, 2018 July 2018
Project Support Project Support grants fund programs and activities that engage new audiences in the arts and contribute to community arts activities in Fairfax County. March 14, 2018 May 23, 2018 July 18 & 19, 2018 September 2018
Organizational and Professional Development Fund activities that improve organizational management. July 31, 2018 September 5, 2018 October 24, 2018 December 2018
Artist Reward individual artists for outstanding accomplishments November 14, 2018 January 9, 2019 February 20 & 21, 2019 May 2019

Grant Workshops

ARTSFAIRFAX conducts free grant preparation workshops for prospective applicants to learn about our funding opportunities and how to submit an application. We invite non-profit arts organizations and individual artists located within Fairfax County to attend one of the grant workshops to learn more.  Email us to receive more information about upcoming workshops or to sign up to attend a workshop.

Grant Panels

Grant panels are open to the public. We strongly encourage applicants and those wishing to observe the panel review process to attend. Applicants are notified of the time and location of the grant panel during which their application will be reviewed upon receipt of their application.


Grant Panelists

ARTSFAIRFAX selects experienced arts professionals in all disciplines, without conflict of interest, to review grant applications. ARTSFAIRFAX is seeking panelists to review grant applications. Email us to learn more about the panel process and how to become a panelist.