Imagine Art Here


Imagine Art Here projects are temporary interactive public art installations that gather feedback on the role of the arts in select neighborhoods throughout Fairfax.


From June through August 2019, INOUT:Springfield engaged the community through an interactive photobooth and temporary public art installation. Participants responded to prompts about the role of the arts and took selfies.

The selfies were then projected in a community photo gallery. The artist team Epigram designed the project to gather feedback which ARTSFAIRFAX will use to inform the Master Arts Plan. To view the project website visit



INOUT in Seven Corners

In 2018, the artist team, surcreative, engaged residents, employees and visitors through an artist designed photo booth, project website, and an 8 foot interactive cube including projections of the community photos was active from May – June 2018.




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Tysons Tiles

Imagine Art Here began with Tysons Tiles in 2015. Artist Julia Vogl collected data from more than 1,000 individuals and visually translated that data into vibrant designs. Temporary ground murals were installed at multiple sites in Tysons.




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ARTSFAIRFAX is funded in part by these funders in addition to generous support from foundations, corporations, individuals, and organizations.