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Are you an arts organization or artist in need of space?

The ArtsFairfax Creative Spaces Toolkit is a guide to creative re-use of vacant spaces in Fairfax County.

From finding a space, to getting permits, negotiating a lease, and marketing your project, The Creative Spaces Toolkit provides step-by-step instructions to bring your vision to life.



About the Creative Spaces Toolkit

ArtsFairfax believes that creative placemaking through arts and culture help communities thrive. The Creative Spaces Toolkit supports the nonprofit arts sector with a roadmap to interim activation of vacant buildings and spaces. The Toolkit is specifically designed to create a collaboration between the arts sector, property owners, and government officials.

Creative Spaces Toolkit Webinar September 10, 2021

Anne Corbett, project consultant and interior architect Michele LeTourneur are joined by Jennifer Josiah, nonprofit and places of worship coordinator with Fairfax Land Development Services to walk through the toolkit and answer questions on the process.  


(Please note that the presentation is 2 hours and 41 minutes long and can be broken into 3 “chapters”: Chapter 1:  Walk through of the toolkit including lease and budget considerations Chapter 2: Zoning and Permitting in Depth Chapter 3: Q&A and case study (There were 10 breaks between each section that were not recorded) 

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Lisa Mariam

Director Of Grants & Services