ARTSFAIRFAX, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is the designated local arts agency for Fairfax County. We advocate at the local, state, and federal levels for continued and increased financial support for the arts as well as for policies and initiatives that benefit the arts.

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Local Advocacy

  • We hold Local Arts Advocacy Day each year in early April. For this event, we invite the general public and the arts community to show their support of the arts at the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors’ annual budget hearings. Additionally, Fairfax residents are encouraged to present testimonies highlighting the impact of the arts in Fairfax along with a limited number of Fairfax artists asked to present performance vignettes.
  • Fairfax County artists and arts organizations are represented in our Arts Advisory Committee (AAC). Through quarterly meetings and monthly emails, the AAC provides critical feedback from our arts constituents and ensures that ARTSFAIRFAX meets the needs of the local arts community.
  • Fairfax County’s My Neighborhood Report is an interactive map application that lets users discover information about Fairfax County addresses and their surrounding neighborhood. This tool helps Fairfax County residents to learn more about the area in which they live, and our Take Action page helps residents find out more about their local elected officials.
  • ARTSFAIRFAX worked with Fairfax County and the Cities of Falls Church and Fairfax to help Americans for the Arts produce the Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 (AEP5) study. Click here to learn more about the AEP5 study results and the economic impact of the arts in Fairfax.



State and Federal Advocacy

  • ARTSFAIRFAX engages with state elected officials to encourage their support of arts funding and policies that benefit the arts. We collaborate with Virginians for the Arts to promote participation in Virginia’s annual Arts Advocacy Day at the State Legislature in Richmond, Virginia.
  • ARTSFAIRFAX advocates for federal funding of the arts. We also encourage attendance to and partake in National Arts Advocacy in Washington, DC.

Fairfax Arts Network

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Arts Directory

Our Arts Directory includes information about the more than 200 nonprofit arts organizations, individual artists residing in Fairfax County, and the nearly 100 annual outdoor festivals in Fairfax County that serve the over one million Fairfax County residents as well as visitors.

Additional Resources

ARTSFAIRFAX conducts studies and surveys in support of arts advocacy. We gather information about arts activity and impact, and conducts studies and surveys that support arts advocacy. Below are some of our recent studies available to the public.

The AEP5 study by Americans for the Arts gives a quantifiable economic impact of nonprofit arts and culture organizations as well as their audiences. In 2015, Fairfax County arts and culture organizations supported over $271 million in direct economic activity, supported 6,220 fulltime equivalent jobs, and generated nearly $20 million in local and state government revenue.


Download the reports:

ARTSFAIRFAX conducted a survey in 2015 on arts education programs and activities for K-12 audiences offered by 34 non-profit arts organizations in Fairfax County and the Cities of Fairfax and Falls Church. This survey revealed that the non-profit arts industry serves over 93,000 Fairfax County students annually. Download the full report here.

The 2015 Creative Industries Report by Americans for the Arts offers a research-based approach to understanding the scope and economic importance of the arts in Virginia. The results indicated that Virginia boasted 17,381 arts-related for-profit and nonprofit businesses employing 68,554 people. In Fairfax County, there were 3,128 arts-related for-profit and non-profit arts businesses employing 13,075 people.

Download the reports:

The 2012 Local Arts Index by Americans for the Arts provides a set of measures to understand the breadth, depth and character of cultural life of individual communities as measured at the County level. It is composed of a series of arts indicators, including secondary sources from the U.S. Census Bureau, Claritas Research, Scarborough Research, the National Center for Charitable Statistics, and others. Download the Local Arts Index report here.