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Thank you to all who made

Fairfax Arts Advocacy Day a success!


Special Thanks to

Skip Chaples, President, Music for Life;

Jaynelle Hazard, Executive Director & Curator, Tephra ICA;

Evan Kaufman, Executive Director, Southeast Fairfax Development Corporation;

A. Scott Wood, Artistic and Executive Director, and cellist Christopher Tate, Amadeus Concerts; and

Nicole Tong, Fairfax Poet Laureate.


ArtsFairfax Advocacy 

The arts provide social, cultural, and entertainment value and have a significant impact on the economy. Art fuels our communities, provides educational and growth opportunities for all ages, and serves as a primary way to preserve and celebrate our diverse cultures.  

Join ArtsFairfax as we illuminate the real financial, cultural and emotional impact of arts and culture where we live. As the nonprofit designated as Fairfax County’s local arts agency, we work hard to build relationships and inform local, state, and federal agencies and elected officials on the policies, initiatives, and funding our communities need to thrive.

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ArtsFairfax 2021 Budget Presentation

On April 14, 2020, ArtsFairfax President & CEO Linda S. Sullivan presented official testimony to the Board of Supervisors for the Fiscal Year 2022 arts funding. In place of annual testimony and a performance from the art community, ArtsFairfax partnered with community arts organizations and artists to present a video compilation of work created during the COVID-19 shutdown. The message is a poem created by teaching artist and master poetess Tammarrah Addison, and visual director and filmmaker Catherine Bobalek direct the video.

We Are The Arts

On April 29, 2020, the arts community submitted official testimony to the Board of Supervisors for the Fiscal Year 2021 arts funding. COVID-19 is having disastrous financial consequences on the arts sector, an essential part of Fairfax’s local economy. The arts are people, and it is people who fill our lives with art, creating our vibrant and engaging community. Please enjoy meeting a few of the many individuals committed to the arts in Fairfax.