Small Business Skills for the Arts Series

Small Business Skills for the Arts  is the Arts Council’s fresh approach to providing arts leaders with the essential business tools for effective arts management.  The series features various workshops on a variety of topics including strategic planning, audience development, fundraising, financial planning, marketing and more. The Arts Council is offering these workshops to help arts leaders establish and maintain sustainable organizations, which in turn will pave the way for the creation of more exciting, explosive programming and add to the cultural diversity of our communities.  

Not only will the series bring the most recent research and approaches to arts leaders, but the series will be a critical stepping stone to bridging the gap between the arts and business communities.  Together the two groups can work to elevate Fairfax County's culturally rich community to the next level.

We hope that you will leave a Small Business Skills for the Arts workshop feeling empowered, enlightened, and inspired to share these new strategies with your staff, supporters, and the community at large.

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