Embrace National Poetry Month: Join Us for a Celebration of Verse!

Embrace National Poetry Month: Join Us for a Celebration of Verse!

Embrace National Poetry Month: Join Us for a Celebration of Verse!

Poetry has the power to transport us, evoke emotions, and create connections. It captures the beauty of language and allows us to see the world through a unique lens. As April unfolds, we invite you to join us in celebrating National Poetry Month. In partnership with Fairfax County, ArtsFairfax is raising the visibility of poetry through various initiatives, including the designation of a Fairfax County Poet Laureate. Let’s explore the wonderful world of poetry together!

The Role of a Poet Laureate

The Poet Laureate program established by ArtsFairfax recognizes the achievements of professional poets and their commitment to the art form. The designation of a Fairfax County Poet Laureate not only highlights the importance of poetry and literary arts in the community but also creates opportunities for the Poet Laureate to engage with Fairfax County residents. This esteemed position seeks to foster connections between the Poet Laureate and the community, opening doors for collaboration and the sharing of poetic works.

Poet Laureate Information Session – April 23rd

To learn more about the Poet Laureate program and the upcoming application process, we invite you to attend our Poet Laureate Information Session. This session will take place on April 23rd, from 12:00 to 1:30 PM, and will be conducted online via Zoom. Join us as we delve deeper into the program, its objectives, and the impact a Poet Laureate can have on the poetic landscape of Fairfax County. If you have a passion for poetry and want to make a difference, mark your calendars and get ready to embrace this incredible opportunity.

National Poetry Month Reading – April 27th

As part of our celebration of National Poetry Month, we are organizing a mesmerizing National Poetry Month reading event. On April 27th, from 1:00 to 2:30 PM, join us at the beautiful Green Spring Gardens and experience the magic of spoken word. This event will showcase the works of influential writers from the greater DC/Maryland/Virginia region. We are thrilled to feature the poetry of esteemed poets such as Camisha L. Jones, Emilia Phillips, Benjamin Renne, and Marcielo Shirley. Immerse yourself in the power of poetry as these incredible wordsmiths take the stage.

Poetry in the Parks: Fostering Community Engagement

We are proud to present “Poetry in the Parks,” a community engagement series focused on bringing poetry to the public. As part of this ongoing series, we are hosting a free poetry reading during National Poetry Month. This event, which will be held in partnership with ArtsFairfax and the Fairfax Poet Laureate, aims to make poetry accessible to all. We have curated a diverse selection of poets from the DC/Maryland/Virginia region to showcase their incredible talents.


Poetry holds a special place in our hearts, offering a window into the human experience and serving as a medium of expression. As National Poetry Month unfolds, we invite you to join us in embracing the power of verse. Attend our Poet Laureate Information Session to learn more about this prestigious program and the role it plays in celebrating and supporting local poets. And don’t miss our National Poetry Month reading, where you can witness the magic of spoken word firsthand. Together, let’s celebrate the beauty of poetry in Fairfax County.

Join us for these inspiring events and discover the incredible world of poetry. For more information, kindly visit ArtsFairfax’s website or contact us directly. We look forward to seeing you there!