Celebrating Women in The Arts

Celebrating Women in The Arts

Celebrating Women in The Arts

Although some of the most famous artists in the world are men like Picasso, Van Gogh, and Michelangelo, women have also played a vital part in the arts.


ArtsFairfax supports artists within the local community. In addition to providing a directory of individuals and organizations that contribute to the local arts scene, they partner with schools and senior centers to provide arts education in order to promote cultural understanding, broaden creativity and build resilience. Services provided by ArtsFairfax include the following:

  • Calendar of Upcoming Events
  • Artist Residences
  • Arts for Life
  • Camps
  • Scholarships
  • Grants
  • Professional Development Workshops and Webinars

Local Women in the Arts

In addition to celebrating famous international artists, ArtsFairfax celebrates local women in the arts and will be highlighting the following artists and art organizations during Women’s History Month:

Gin Dance Company 

Gin Dance Company (GDC) provides a professional environment for artists to hone their skills and express themselves through dance. GDC’s award-winning dance movements have been displayed at several prestigious venues.

Begoña Morton 

Begoña Morton is a Spanish artist inspired by such greats as Picasso. Growing up in England, Portugal, and Spain, she now paints full-time, specializing in her love for family, food, and travel.

MVB Costumes 

Maria V. Bissex, the owner of MVB Costumes, fell in love with colorful costumes at her first fitting. She gets great joy out of helping each actor find the right costume to bring the show to life.

Mareemi Andreozzi 

Mareemi Andreozzi’s portfolio includes The Painted Ladies, History Adorned and Vessels. Her work, which celebrates the narrative of inspirational women, has been reviewed in The Washington Post.

Better Said Than Done 

Better Said Than Done specializes in live storytelling. Each storyteller relies on their own personal experiences to deliver a unique story that may range from funny to unbelievable.

Olly Olly

Olly Olly is a call for artists to leave their secluded studios and come create in person. They promote a collaborative environment that seeks to help artists grow together. 

Karen Reedy 

Karen Reedy is the Director of the School of Dance at George Mason University. Her choreography is well known at colleges and universities throughout the country.

Chitra Sharma 

Chitra Sharma is a local screen printer and visual artist. She conducts personalized classes and sells her products at local arts and crafts shops and shows.

Nicole Tong

Nicole Tong is the inaugural Poet Laureate in Fairfax County, Virginia. Her transformative writing has appeared in a wide variety of publications including American Book Review.