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In partnership with Fairfax County, ArtsFairfax raises the visibility of poetry through the designation of a Fairfax County Poet Laureate. Through this designation, ArtsFairfax seeks to celebrate and support a poet who can engage new audiences, create new opportunities for poetry to be shared, and encourage the creation of poetry and other literary works. The Poet Laureate program recognizes a professional poet’s achievements and their demonstrated history of accomplishments; promotes a professional poet’s continued pursuit of creative work; and creates opportunities for connection between the Poet Laureate and Fairfax County communities. The Fairfax County Poet Laureate is a high honor that highlights the importance of poetry and literary arts in Fairfax County.


The Fairfax County Poet Laureate will serve as a literary arts ambassador for a three-year term. In this leadership role, the Poet Laureate will create and implement a community service project designed for County residents. The Fairfax County Poet Laureate Program is executed by ArtsFairfax in partnership with Fairfax County.

Key Dates

  • April 15, 2024: Application opens
  • June 2024: Application closes
  • August 2024: Selection Panel
  • October 2024: Announcement of Poet Laureate