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Ticket Subsidy Grant

Frequently Asked Questions:   


Q: What if our tickets are free? Can I still apply for this grant?   

Since the tickets are free, there would be no associated cost to include in the grant request.  

You may use the contacts in the Ticket Subsidy Grant Resources to help distribute your free tickets and for free transportation. You would need to apply for a Project Support Grant to request funds for artist fees and other program expenses.  


Q: Can I include associated ticket fees?  

Yes, you may include TicketMaster and other related ticket fees in your grant request.  


Q: Do I have to have confirmation from a community group or agency that they can use the tickets before I apply for the grant? 

A letter of support or confirmation email from the organization or agency distributing the tickets will strengthen your request. You should have your outreach plan in place before applying for the Ticket Subsidy Grant.  


 Q: What if I complete the NCS ticket distribution form, and then I don’t get the grant?  

If the grant isn’t received, please notify immediately.  


Q: How long will it take to receive confirmation from NCS?  

Please allow a week to 10 days after the form is submitted.  


Q: Does the grantee have to return a portion of the grant if free tickets are unused?  

Include the number of tickets used in your Final Report. Funds do not have to returned. 


Q: Can I apply for multiple unrelated programs in one application?  

No. Apply for one program per application. The exception would be applying for an ongoing event, such as a camp that spans multiple dates.  


Q: Am I required to use the contacts listed in the Ticket Subsidy Grant Resources document? 

No. ArtsFairfax created the Ticket Subsidy Grant Resources to help arts organizations make first contact or strengthen relationships with Fairfax County human services organizations. 


Q: What is VA Form 102 or 100? 

The VA Form 102 and 100 will be used to verify your organization’s physical or “primary” location. Typically, nonprofit organizations which obtain contributions from the public are required to submit the VA Form 102 form to the state annually. A nonprofit may be required to submit the VA Form 100 instead of the 102 if any of the listed exemptions apply. Please contact the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services for questions regarding your organization’s registration status.  


About the 102 Form 




Registered Organizations Database 


Q: Can more than one person work in the application at a time? 

A: Yes. Submittable has a collaboration feature allowing more than one person to work in an application simultaneously. Visit our Online Application Instructions to learn more:  


Q: Help! I’m having trouble filling out the Submittable web form (error, saving, file upload, editing form fields/table).  

A: Use an approved browser such as Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. Submittable does not support Internet Explorer or Edge.  

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Save Draft.” A message will appear: “Last saved a few seconds ago.” If this message does not appear, ensure you save a copy of your (narrative) answers before proceeding.  

Log out of Submittable. Refresh the browser window, and then log back in again. If problems persist, try another browser. Although Submittable autosaves your work, it is best practice to manually save and refresh the page periodically.   

If problems persist, alert Grants Manager Jackie Dubin at and visit Submittable’s help desk. 


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