The County’s Art Buzz – November

The County’s Art Buzz – November

The County’s Art Buzz – November

 By: Dana Stewart

The New BOS Speaks on the Arts

ARTSFAIRFAX engaged the Board of Supervisor candidates before the election to seek their views and opinions on the arts. As the County grows and changes, the incoming Board of Supervisors reflect on the importance and place of art in our community:

“Fairfax County has not always fully appreciated the role of arts and culture in both community and economic development.  As we become more diverse, our opportunities to integrate these two sectors increase.  I am personally committed to supporting these efforts.” – Chairman-elect Jeff McKay.

“The Board of Supervisors must make sure that we view arts as a key component of One Fairfax when we make decisions about budget, development and space. Artistic representation and helping communities feel that they are seen and heard is one of the most critical aspects of creating a community that we can all call home.” – Dalia Palchik (Providence)

“The “arts plank” of the county’s Comprehensive Plan can be an excellent tool to ensure that new or repurposed buildings incorporate architecture, design, public art, gallery and performances spaces if possible, and other amenities. …. An arts trust fund, supported by the business sector, could be considered as a new funding source.” – Penny Gross (Mason)

“We need to ensure that access to the arts for the entire community is part of our long-range planning. More specifically, the arts should be part of our revitalization efforts in older areas of the county like Annandale. … Then, development proposals before the County should be evaluated based on their consistency with those plans for the arts.”- James Walkinshaw (Braddock)

“Fairfax County supports the regional arts scene by supporting ARTSFAIRFAX. I believe we need to do more to holistically promote the incredibly rich arts offerings we already have here in the County. The key words are increased education, funding and promotion of what we have and creating a stronger “Fairfax Arts Package” and brand demonstrating the many, many visual and performing arts activities, as well as arts education offerings.” –Dan Storck (Mount Vernon)

“As Lee District Supervisor I will be heavily involved in the implantation of the Embark Richmond Highway project. Across the development of that project, and during the re-development of the adjoining areas I will be a strong proponent of exploring ways to incorporate public art into all projects in which it is practicable. I would also support the use of proffers in order to meet the space needs of the arts.” – Rodney Lusk (Lee)

The full questionnaire and responses are available at

Northern Virginia Jewish Film Festival

What do you ask of your sons before you die?  Writer-Director Jorge Gurvich’s film “Back To Marcanà” is inspired by a conversation with his sons, when he asked them to promise to visit his grave every four years to tell how Argentina fares in the World Cup.  Gurvich’s film opens the 19th annual Northern Virginia Jewish Film Festival (NVJFF) sponsored by the Pozez JCC of Northern Virginia from November 7 through 17th.  The NVJFF offers an international offering of films representing the broad spectrum of Jewish peoplehood and values.  For tickets and more information visit

New Poet Laureate Grant

Artist Grant Information Session

ARTSFAIRFAX will hosts an artist grant information session for artists applying to the grant program on November 13 at the Mosaic Community Room at 2985 District Ave., Suite 100 from 12 – 1:30 pm.  New this year is the selection of a Poet Laureate.  The two-year award recognizes one professional poet’s achievements and their demonstrated history of accomplishments, and it promotes the continued pursuit of their creative work. Visit for more information

Upcoming Events

Visit to find arts events in Fairfax County and the Cities of Falls Church and Fairfax.

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