ArtsFairfax Leadership on the 2022-2026 Strategic Plan update

ArtsFairfax Leadership on the 2022-2026 Strategic Plan update

Dear Friends,

We are delighted to share the ArtsFairfax 2022-2026 Strategic Plan with you! Thank you for your time, insight, and thoughtfulness.

When we began this process over two years ago, the ArtsFairfax Strategic Plan Committee, comprised of the Board, staff, and community leaders, embarked on a path of deep learning to evaluate what worked, and what needs to work. We met with stakeholders across the County and aligned our goals with the County’s new Strategic Plan and One Fairfax policy as a way to hold ourselves accountable for what the community needs from us now and in the next few years.

As the world changed around us, we found that some things within Fairfax County had not changed—namely, a shared commitment to the future of Fairfax as a thriving, creative community. The vision set forth in the Strategic Plan takes into account the diverse representation of cultures across the region, ways to drive arts participation, and how to promote accessibility in all its forms.

Because of your dedication and care to all who call Fairfax County home, this Strategic Plan demonstrates the strength of our collaboration, and how we might expand the reach and deepen the impact of ArtsFairfax. Together, we will further arts and culture opportunities in our communities.

We look forward to continuing these efforts with you over the next five years!


Shelly Hazel, ArtsFairfax Board Chair

Scott Cryer, Strategic Plan Committee Chair

Linda Sullivan, ArtsFairfax President & CEO

(May 10, 2022)