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ArtsFairfax staff in the community

ArtsFairfax staff in the community

If we have learned anything these last long months, it is that small gestures have played a large part in getting us through a life-changing crisis. We seek moments of joy and inspiration, a connection with others, a chance to serve and grow, and the ability to ease the heartache of those hurting.

ArtsFairfax is an organization made up of unique individuals who strive to make a difference in the arts and our community. As an organization and individuals, we continue to learn and grow so that we can help build a stronger, better Fairfax. Allow us to share more about our service to the arts and our individual contributions to the greater community.

Kimber Craine

Food insecurity remains a community and national emergency. To help fight this growing crisis, Kimber and his wife volunteer with Sanctuary DMV to make weekly food deliveries to Fairfax and Arlington immigrant families.

Brenda MacRoberts

Recovery is on everyone’s mind, especially Tysons’ visionaries striving to make Tysons America’s Next Great City. This past year, Brenda MacRoberts helped bring the arts, business, and residential communities together to envision and celebrate Tysons Regional Chamber of Commerce Tysons 2050 as event chair. She is also serving as board vice chair.

Lisa Mariam

Striving to be better, more thoughtful arts leaders is a goal for each of us. Lisa took it one step further by learning with the Leadership Fairfax Institute and leading as a 19-year volunteer for the local food pantry, SHARE.

Manuela Quintero-Fehr

Arts and culture provide us with inspiration and hope and allow us to experience joy. The arts community continues to create programming for audiences despite the challenges they face. To help, Manuela volunteered her time translating materials and assisting guests at the GALA Hispanic Theatre in Washington, D.C.

Dana Stewart

The arts have so many stories to share, and ArtsFairfax wants to help you share them. A lack of commute provided Dana with an opportunity to complete a storytelling certificate from Georgetown University and a marketing program from Americans for the Arts. To help with Fairfax’s local food crisis, Dana and her sons volunteer with a local food pantry.

Linda S. Sullivan

The arts play a vital role in our lives, and they must be part of our economic recovery efforts. To help achieve this goal, Linda continues her lifetime work advocating for and advising the arts by serving on many arts organizations and advisory groups, including the Board of Directors of the Virginians for the Arts and the Advisory board for the Children’s Science Center and numerous arts facility developments in the region.

It is individuals who make up our community and the actions they take, no matter how small, that make a big difference. A community thrives with both leaders and doers and when creativity guides and inspires us. Together, our community can recover and build back better.