Vice President of Finance
2500 Q Street NW, Suite 623
This position offers an annual salary of $110,000 to $120,000 and a competitive benefits package.
Job Overview

Reporting directly to the President and CEO, the Vice President – Finance has the primary leadership
role for finance on the senior management team. This position has hands-on and primary day-to-day
responsibility for planning, implementing, managing, and controlling all finance-related activities of
the organization. This includes budget development and execution; cash management; financial
management; contracts management and oversight; and budget and financial accountability from
applicable staff and members.

The Vice President – Finance is responsible for the organization’s Human Resources function, ensuring
a safe work environment for all employees, equitable employment policies and practices, and a clear
commitment to diversity and inclusion throughout the organization.
The Vice President – Finance works with the Board Treasurer and Chair of the Finance Committee to
support their responsibilities for budget development and financial reporting and analysis to the Board.
The Vice President – Finance ensures that the President and CEO, the Board, and Board Committees
have timely and accurate information for decision-making.
The Vice President – Finance will be expected to participate in Workhouse meetings and events

Full Description: Vice President of Finance Vacancy Announcement