Acting For Young People Junior Counselor/Internship (Deadline: April 15, 2023)
Job Overview

Summer 2023

Internships are available for our Summer Acting Camp Program at George Mason University in Fairfax. The internship program is designed to provide high school- and college-aged students, as well as recent graduates, with an opportunity to learn about theater and theater education. Working with our camp staff, interns also get to learn from theater professionals from the D.C. Metro area. Interns are paid a weekly stipend.

General Information: Our summer camp runs from approximately mid-June through early August. The day starts at approximately 7:00 am and runs until approximately 4:30 pm. with options for later shifts.  There will be planning meetings in the weeks prior to camp.

Junior Counselor positions are open to high school students ages 14+, in grades 9-10.

Internships are open to ages 16+ (high school students in grades 11-12, recent HS grads, and college-aged students.)

Interested? Email us at