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Diversity fuels creativity. Creativity fuels the arts.

ArtsFairfax embraces diversity in everything we do because diverse perspectives, diverse influences, and diverse audiences help our community thrive. By including Fairfax County’s wonderful panoply of cultures, races, generations, and orientations in the Arts, we enrich everyone’s lives.

In 2020, ArtsFairfax committed to an organizational-wide review of its public statements and policies regarding diversity, equity, inclusion, and access (DEIA) and the recruitment of diverse representatives for its Board of Directors, management, staff, and volunteers.

Board Leadership

The process began at the ArtsFairfax Board level with committees engaging in a broad conversation before transitioning to a more nuanced focus on diversity, equity, access, and inclusion. These conversations were carried through our meetings throughout the year. To ensure alignment with Fairfax County’s One Fairfax policy, Fairfax County’s Diversity Officer, Karla Bruce, was invited to speak with the Board about creating diversity, equity, access, and inclusion throughout all ArtsFairfax policies and endeavors. The Board endorsed Fairfax County’s One Fairfax policy in December 2020 and approved an ArtsFairfax diversity statement in June 2021.

Staff Commitment

ArtsFairfax staff worked in tandem with the Board of Directors to expand their knowledge of diversity, equity, inclusion, access and provide the Board with the resources needed to develop the ArtsFairfax policy. In 2020 staff participated in a two-day diversity, equity, inclusion, and access training program led by a diversity consultant.

In 2020, ArtsFairfax began developing a WORK-SMART workshop series focusing on building inclusion, diversity, equity, and access into the arts sector recovery. Through this series, ArtsFairfax created and recruited members for a DEIA Advisory Group comprised of diverse professionals working in the arts field to advise ArtsFairfax on DEIA issues and provide professional guidance and feedback for the workshops. ArtsFairfax kicked off the workshop series with a Virtual Round Table to hear the needs and concerns of the arts community who were addressing DEIA review and planning. ArtsFairfax held four workshops led by Fairfax County’s Diversity Officer and Dr. Brea Heidelberg throughout the fiscal year. ArtsFairfax recognizes arts organizations need additional support in this area and remains committed to providing educational and engagement

ArtsFairfax Actions

ArtsFairfax’s conversations began at the Board of Director’s communications committee level. The committee and staff worked throughout the year to produce a formal DEIA policy statement adopted by the Board. Concurrently, ArtsFairfax’s Board’s Grants Committee and staff reviewed and revised grants policy language and objectives to meet DEIA objectives for FY22 funding and beyond. The Board Governance Committee identified and recruited three new board members from diverse backgrounds. ArtsFairfax is committed to achieving board leadership that reflects the diversity of Fairfax County in our Board and as well as staff.

ArtsFairfax will continue to review and support organizational policies, information, and education opportunities to benefit our diverse community.


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