Travis Childers

Travis Childers, artist
Ruby Projects

Fairfax Countian Travis Childers is an artist.

“Although the materials I use are ordinary, I think they can make interesting statements about the world, human nature, and the issues affecting all of us.”

Travis sees the word through different lenses and invites others to explore with him. His over 20-year career as a museum preparator with the Hillwood Museum abruptly stopped when the museum closed in-person tours due to COVID-19. While Travis works in the museum, his true passion is creating art. In 2019, Travis turned his passion into a gallery – Ruby Projects.

For months Travis networked for artists’ connections, curated material, developed a timeframe, and worked on a spatial formation to create an engaging exhibit to open the minds and engage audiences. Ruby Projects aims to showcase local artists, particularly Fairfax County artists, to build a greater community and show the parallels of different visions. Ruby Projects only presented one show before the pandemic. For Travis – his career and dream – have been put on hold until the world returns to normal.

Physical doors may be closed, but as an artist, Travis is driven to show his work in different places and reaching new audiences. Travis recently organized a mail art show that he posted online and an online focus on Ruby Projects artists.

Artists are trying new and creative means to reach audiences and share their love of the arts, and Travis is committed to his art and supporting fellow Fairfax County artists.