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The Glasgow Print Society

Through the Glasgow Print Society ARTSFAIRFAX artist residency, students communicate their ideas about community and environment through poster design and printmaking.

Students discuss what being a member of a society means to them, and how they can empathize with one another through peer discussion and active listening within the society.

Students investigate what makes a school environment conducive for learning and how the environment connects to the school community as a whole. As members of the community, they explore ways by which they can and actually do impact their own learning environment.


Students recognize how graphic design affects environments and communities. They identify both positive and negative ways in which design can impact a community, through examining real world examples. This includes a selection of WWII posters, works by Shepard Fairey, and local publicity. They collectively break down and analyze these examples of graphic design by developing their understanding of how principles of design can be used to express ideas and meaning. They discuss how to find creative solutions to everyday problems through design thinking. This informs their thought process as they plan their own poster designs. Students learn about and apply methods of screen printing to create affirmation and motivational posters about the school community. They learn about screen printing processes, apply these approaches and learn how to recognize