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Tephra Institute of Contemporary Art

Tephra Institute of Contemporary Art (Tephra ICA) is a non-profit, non-collecting institution committed to promoting innovative contemporary art and thinking. The word “tephra” – matter ejected from geothermal eruptions that lands upon, nourishes, and changes the surrounding environment – emphasizes the institution’s belief in the combustibility of creativity and the generation of ideas and growth that the arts can provide.

We are devoted to celebrating artists and value the power of art to broaden perspectives, start difficult conversations, and consider alternative ideas. We work with artists, galleries, institutions, universities, thought leaders, and collectors globally. We rely on a variety of funding sources for programming, including memberships, sponsorships, grants, donations, and other fundraising efforts.

Our values are informed by the dimensionality of lived experience. Through collaborative and exploratory work, we create opportunity for important, complex dialogue with the goal to Illuminate, mirror, and program for the fullness of our shared world.

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