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Laurel Grove School

In the 1990s, northern Virginia’s urban sprawl might have destroyed three landmarks of an African American community that had sprung to life at the end of Reconstruction: The Laurel Grove Colored School, Baptist Church, and Cemetery. However, once real estate developers Mark and Barbara Fried began the title search on 23 acres of land near the Franconia Metro Station, they discovered that 13 of these acres had been in the Jasper-Walker family since 1860, and one building on the property had been a one-room school for local colored children. Recognizing that this history was important, and wanting to uncover the story of the families and community whose children attended the school, the Fried Company restored the building and supported the initial historical research that followed. The current owners, Clarion Partners, continue to support the mission of the Laurel Grove School Museum.

6840 Beulah St, Alexandria, VA, 22310
(703) 313-4690