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Curtis “Mr. Blues” Mailloux

The You Can Write a Blues Song! Cross-curricular Artist Residency Program  uses songwriting in the American blues style to integrate music, social studies and creative writing. Using acoustic roots music, primarily the blues, artist in residence and blues musician Curtis, “Mr. Blues” Mailloux shows how American Roots Music of 1910-1945 reflected the changing lives of Americans, particularly African Americans of that era.By analyzing songs from the era, students gain an understanding of and ...

Helen Murray Pafumi

The Urban Storytelling: What I Wish I'd Said Artist Residency Program offers students an opportunity to define and explore the act of bullying through dramatic storytelling. Students are empowered to give voice to the effects of bullying on them through the use of theatrical devising, a technique where personal stories are told by writing or improvising until a scripted work is produced. Utilizing discussion, improvisation, and ensemble games, students grasp the difference between sympathy and e ...

Michela Mansuino

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Michela Mansuino

The Cultural Landscape:  Past, Present, and Future Artist Residency Program challenges students to consider the cultural landscape of the United States, from an historical and personal perspective. Students are asked to research and analyze recognized artworks that interpret aspects of the American Landscape in creative ways. Students benefit from drawing and painting demonstrations by the resident artist. They see how to plan through journaling, how to execute an artwork by building on ske ...

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