Imagine Art Here: Tysons Tiles

A Public Art Engagement Project of the Arts Council of Fairfax County with artist Julia Vogl

Video by Jenna von Elling

The Arts Council of Fairfax County presented Imagine Art Here: Tysons Tiles with artist Julia Vogl, a community engagement project and temporary public art installation at multiple sites in Tysons, between May and September, 2015. The art installation at Greensboro Green Park, located at the corner of Greensboro Drive and Solutions Drive, is still on display.

" Data collected from over 1,000 individuals were visually translated into vibrant designs. The objectives of the project was to raise awareness about the arts, share community opinions in an innovative way, enhance place making, and to gain insight about interest in future arts amenities in Tysons," said Linda S. Sullivan, president & CEO, of the Arts Council of Fairfax County.

installation tysonswest

Photo Copyright: Vita Images

Tysons Tiles included two visually compelling ground murals, a LED lights display on the exterior of the Silverline Center building, and an art wrapped bus, that raised community awareness of potential for public art and the arts at Tysons.

“The project will reach out to a wide range of audience groups including residents, employees, and visitors,” said Julia Vogl. "Tysons Tiles will foster public engagement, collect data on the communities' habits involving the arts, and demonstrate the potential of future opportunities for the arts. And let’s not forget about having fun," Vogl continued. "Tysons Tiles will be art you can engage and participate in; you can contribute your views, see, read, feel, and even walk on it!"

tysonstiles trolley 1

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Between May 18 and May 24, 2015, Vogl was visible with her custom designed art trolley at 20 different locations around Tysons, including, parks, office lobbies, eateries, classrooms, the malls, and Metro, inviting various demographics of the community to take part. The first 1,000 respondents received a free limited edition artist pin correlating with the individual's responses. The data was digitally recorded using a custom designed app and later amalgamated for the culminating art installations at multiple locations in Tysons including Greensboro Green and Tysons West. Respondents who participated in the trolley interactions were able to locate their tile in the ground mural installations and learn more about their community.

tysonstiles jarsandstickers

Photo Copyright: Vita Images

Imagine Art Here: Tysons Tiles has been made possible through a lead Our Town grant from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) with matching funds from corporate sponsors, The ASCENT, Capital One, Intelsat, The JBG Companies and JBGR Retail, The Meridian Group, and Washington Real Estate Investment Trust. In-kind support has been provided by AlumiGraphics, Beacon Capital Partners, INADEV, and Severn Graphics. We would also like to thank our partners Fairfax County Government and Tysons Partnership.

"The positive response from our local corporate community is a testament to the excitement and magic the arts can provide — sparking innovation, dialogue, and community pride," said Linda S. Sullivan, president & CEO, of the Arts Council of Fairfax County. "Tysons Tiles is a great public-private partnership," Sullivan continued.

The input from Imagine Art Here: Tysons Tiles initiative will inform the Master Arts Plan (MAP) being spearheaded by the Arts Council of Fairfax County on behalf of the County.  The goal of MAP is to expand community access to and engagement in the arts and culture by planning cultural facilities and public art throughout Fairfax County that reflects its diversity, considers existing facilities, and responds to future growth.

About the Artist:
Julia Vogl was selected from over 130 artists for the project at Tysons.  Julia's public art projects derive from dynamic engagement strategies that reflect the community's views on various topics, translated into designs that feature strong color and pattern.