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NicoloWhimsey Show


The NicoloWhimsey Show combines hilarious theatre skills, unique character acting, amazing juggling, evocative poetry, and mellifluous music. The solo show “Nicolo the Jester” includes themes of literacy and tolerance. The duo show “The NicoloWhimsey Duo” emphasizes cooperation.  Both shows stress persistence and never giving up. These versatile jesters have performed all over the U.S., Europe, and Asia. They also conduct workshops and residencies. Nick has a Master’s Degree in Theatre and is a Director in Residence for the Kennedy Center and the Folger Shakespeare Library. They have been professional children’s entertainers for over 20 years.

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Nick Newlin 16815 Milltown Landing Rd., , , , 20613-8376
Price (1 show)
$475 - $595
Price (2 Shows)
$595 - $750
Price (Workshops)
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Program Offerings 1
Nicolo the Jester
One performer
Grades K-6

Nicolo’s solo show places a great emphasis on verbal skills, especially poetry.The audience helps Nicolo finish his original poems, which describe how fun it is to read books! Titles include “Wild About Reading” and “My Whole World Grows.” Nicolo shows students how to use words, movement and music to express thoughts, ideas and feelings, Nicolo opens students up to possibilities inherent in creative self-expression.

Audiences help Nicolo create a poem, and witness as he weaves award winning juggling into an original tale of a boy who grows by learning generosity. Students learn Nicolo Copernicus’ theories of astronomy by spinning balls on their fingers and replicate Leonardo da Vinci’s invention, the Flying Machine, by spinning plates on sticks.

This show is especially well loved by PreK-6 grades, but can be adapted to older audiences with a special Shakespeare juggling show, and has been performed at hundreds of schools and libraries.

Nicolo has developed material focusing on themes of tolerance and kindness, to enhance moral development. There is plenty of fun audience participation. With older students, the volunteers read the poems themselves and are applauded for their public speaking bravery and skill!
Program Offerings 2
The Nicolo Whimsey Duo Show
Two performers
Grades K-12

Nicolo and The Queen of Whimsey recreate the roles of travelling entertainers from the Renaissance (or Medieval) times, in a program that creatively blends verbal skills, poetry, physical movement discipline, comedy, character acting, pantomime, and stage illusion to open up the mystery of live theatre to young audiences.
Includes musical saw, pantomime, and character changes.

Nicolo and Whimsey invite students to get up on stage and join them. Thus the students become performers themselves! They show the audience the process of creating a character, writing a poem, and combining music, movement, and language to convey an emotion or an idea.

Nicolo and Whimsey stress cooperation as the ideal solution to conflicts that arise in the course of performing and living. There is a question-and-answer period after the performance.
Program Offerings 3
Workshops and Residencies
In basic juggling, pantomime, clowning and theatrical creativity available for 3rd grades and up.

Maximum workshop size: 30 students.

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