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Acting For Young People’s focus is on creating original plays that deal with important issues for young audiences, including traffic safety, character development, and financial literacy. We are also dedicated to developing and producing new plays for young audiences and their families.

Founded in 1997, our goal at AFYP is to provide actors with professional-level training in a supportive, fun environment, serving our students in all walks of life, onstage and off. Voted “BEST Children’s Theatre or Drama Instruction” — Washington Family Magazine Reader Poll 2011.

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Mary Lechter 5506 Talon Court, , , , 22032
703-307–5332 (General Program Information) and 703-554-4931 (Touring Information)
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Audience Size: 200+
Maximum size: Groups larger than 250 should be divided into a two-performance booking.
Workshop Size: 30 maximum
Program Offerings 1
Street Smart: The Adventures of Polly Pedestrian
A high-energy, entertaining play with a serious message. Polly learns important lessons about traffic, pedestrian and bicycle safety (in English and Spanish) from an unlikely
friend: Ricardo, a cavalier raccoon. Audience interactive. Puppetry, cool characters and a rockin’ finale! Length of Show: 30 minutes. (Grades Pre-K through 5)
Program Offerings 2
The Fisherman and His Wife:
A new adaptation of the play from the Brothers Grimm By Lisa Nanni-Messegee The Fisherman and his Wife mixes fairy tale magic with a modern spin in this exciting new adaptation. Mildred Hook knows she’s meant for something greater than being just a poor Fisherman’s wife. One day, as she is watching her favorite reality TV show, she learns of a magical fish in Old Seasoning Bay. She urges her husband to go out and catch the fish and grant her a wish. When he succeeds and the wish for riches comes true, Mildred can’t stop. Will Mildred figure out what it means to be truly happy before it’s too late? This highly energetic children’s play involves music and extensive audience participation and is SOL compatible.
Number of Artists: 3; Length of Show: 30 minutes (Grades Pre-K – 3)
Program Offerings 3
New for 2013-2014
A Penny Saved
Fairytales characters learn to appreciate the value of a dollar.
Number of Artists: 3; Length of Show: 30 minutes (Grades 3-6)
Program Offerings 4
Post-Performance Workshops:

Street Smart: The Adventures of Polly Pedestrian, and Sally Surfer and the Wild Wild Web
The AFYP Stages casts will lead participants through a fun, interactive program that reinforces lessons learned from the play and teach students about characterization and story
telling. Length of Workshop: 45 minutes.

On-Demand Workshops
Acting for Young People will create a custom workshop(s) based on a school’s curriculum goals. Workshops may be theater-based (acting, improvisation, Shakespeare, technical) or K-6 curriculum-based, using theater activities to reinforce and enhance students’ experiences of various school subjects. Also suitable for libraries and community centers. Length of Workshop: 60 minutes.

Afterschool Programs
Acting for Young People provides after school programs for several Fairfax County public and private schools. Our focus is on helping actors build solid acting technique while having fun, building confidence and learning skills. To bring our program to your school, please have PTA/PTO representative contact us regarding availability/scheduling.

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